Daniel Sacks

Daniel Sacks was born on March 27th 1978, and died on November 3rd 2005. All of the many people who love him, struggle to make sense of his death.

At Daniel’s shiva, his sister Jessica and several friends paid tribute to Daniel, and their words are presented on the Tributes link to the left. The Tributes section also contains a few memories that I recorded at the time of Daniel’s stone-setting ceremony on 26th September 2006.

Some photos of Daniel at various ages, and from his marathons, and from his last holiday in France and Spain, are presented in the Photo Gallery.

I have included a few pieces of Daniel’s writing. He wrote the first, “Puzzle of Peace”, when he had just turned ten years old. An indication of his modesty was his annoyance at his teacher sending the poem to the Jewish Chronicle.

The next inclusions are links to scans of two illiustrated stories: “The Martian” and “The Ten Plagues”. Both are quite sizeable, so take a bit of time to download to the screen. “The Ten Plagues” would have been written before the school spring break in 1989, so shortly before Daniel’s eleventh birthday. “The Martian” probably dates from around the same time. Both stories illustrate Daniel’s inventiveness, sense of humour and fine ability for drawing and cartooning.

Daniel kept almost none of his later schoolwork, but kept one poem, “Patience”, and one story, “No Going Back”. Both are presented here. Daniel was apparently always wryly amused at the written comment that his teacher made on “Patience”.

When I mentioned to Daniel’s friends that I did not want this to become a ‘trivia’ site, they said “No, Daniel loved trivia.” In accordance with this, and to celebrate Daniel’s life, I have included sections on Daniel’s favourite music and his running. The running page includes a movie of Daniel racing one mile in a shade over five minutes. The enthusiastic vocal support of the cameraman should be understood in the context of Daniel’s attempt to dip under five minutes on that occasion (a feat he had achieved for the first time a few weeks previously).

If you have any message or any memories of Daniel that you would like to share, please email Brian Sacks at

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Tombstone Inscription Daniel02

Tombstone Inscription for Daniel.
Bushey Cemetery, Little Bushey Lane.
Section ZF, Row 6, Plot 16.